Adventurers is for Children aged 6 to 9 years. To qualify to join adventurers children must be 6 by March 1 or Grade 1 to start in Busy Bees.  Within the South Queensland region there are approximately 30 Adventurer Clubs. To find the nearest one to you click here


The Adventurer ministry is closely linked with Pathfinder Ministry.  Below is a link of events during the year.

Adventure & Pathfinder Calendar 2014

Adventurer Program

With the help of dedicated volunteer leaders,  our Adventurers learn various skills and are required to complete classwork, awards and be actively involved in the club meetings throughout the year.  Below is a link of the Adventurer Program.

Adventurer Class Work

Adventurer Forms

Part of leading an Adventurer Club is completing forms that are sent through to the Conference Office or completed online.

Adventurer Forms

 Conference Wide Programs – Rally 2014

There are 2 events to prepare to attend next year.  The Adventurer Rally and Adventurer Leaders Day.  Plan to be there

Adventurer Rally 2014

2014 Theme – Creation

Worship Ideas for leaders relating to the 2014 theme for Adventurers

Pesky Mosquito & Brave Kitty

Leadership Resources

Working with Volunteers

Pre Adventurer Program  - Age 4 & 5

The South Queensland Youth Department has adopted the pre-Adventurer program called Little Fish and Little Lambs.  If you would like further information on the 2 programs please click the link below

    Little Lambs and Little Fish


Adventurer Clubs are about having fun while getting to know Jesus.


William Strickland
Associate SQ Youth Director
Phone:  (07) 3218 7777