Adventurers is for Children aged 6 to 9 years. To qualify to join adventurers children must be 6 by 30 June or Grade 1 to start in Busy Bees.  Your child/ren will learn interesting topics through the Adventurer year and gain skills that they can remember for a long time.  There is an opportunity for your child to interact with others their age, go on outings, complete “Awards” which are topics on nature, health and fitness, safety and the Bible.  I would encourage you as their caregiver to come along and join in with your child.  Our leaders are a credit to our organisation and develop healthy friendships with your child throughout the year.

Our theme for 2015 is “Disciples of Jesus“.  We would like our Adventurers to learn about Jesus Disciples when he was on earth and how they followed and learnt from Him.  Our hope is that they will choose to follow Jesus at a young age – there is no better choice they will make!

Within the South Queensland region there are approximately 30 Adventurer Clubs. To find the nearest one to you click here

For more information please contact:

Children’s Ministries Department
South Queensland Conference

Ph 3218 7777 or