Friday 15 – Sabbath 23rd September 2017

Big Camp Actipass Applications are now open.
Click here to purchase your Actipass today.

South Queensland Annual Convention, better known as Big Camp, is an eight day long gathering of Adventists from around South Queensland (and further afar) during which we come together in praise and worship and celebrate our God and fellowship with those who share our beliefs together with friends and visitors.  Watson Park (Google map), 40 minutes north of Brisbane, will host a wide range of meetings, programs and activities are on offer catering for all ages from 0 to 100 (and older!).

There are worship programs and activities for children broken into the following divisions:

BEGINNERS (Tots & Toddlers); KINDY (Kindy, Prep & Grade 1); and PRIMARY (Grades 2-4) are run by Children’s Ministries and more information can be found here.
JUNIOR: Grades 5 & 6
HIGH SCHOOL: Grades 7 – 12



Scheduled activities for Junior and High School are as follows:

Sunday NCC Sports Centre | Nerf Fun Games Ten Pin Bowling
Monday Chermside Aquatic Centre Beach Day | Mooloolaba + Lunch
Tuesday Ten Pin Bowling (6.30pm) Ice Skating | Boondall
Tuesday Evening  Junior Theme Dinner Evening – 
Wednesday Morayfield Aquatic Centre Aquatic Parks (Bli Bli & Coolum)
Thursday Bli Bli Aquatic Centre Morayfield Aquatic Centre
Saturday Night  Movie Night + Lolly Scramble  –
Sun, Tue, Wed & Friday Craft Mornings (9.30am-11.00am)  –

Juniors also have craft available Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings with a flat cost for the week.  They also have the option to purchase a Camp Tshirt!
Unsure about how to get involved in Activities?

1.  Purchase a Wristband for the appropriate division before Friday, 25th August 2017;

2.  Purchase Activities – either a Full Actipass (the full week’s activities) or just the activities that they will participate in (we recommend you pre-purchase these online, however you can purchase the Activities at camp for an additional 10% cost);

3.  Collect the Wristbands any time from Thursday, 14th September and ensure they are worn by the participant (no wristband – no bus!)

You can purchase Wristbands between 30th May and 25th August. (Important: the online system will NOT be available after the 25th August.)


“Wait – you don’t have Young Adults activities listed above!  What’s up with that?”

Following past years’ experience and feedback, we have different plans for the Young Adult division this year and we look forward to sharing more with you about that!


Frequently Asked Questions:


I have heard of an “Actipass”, what is it?
An Actipass is the term we use here in South Queensland when we talk about the pass, or ticket, that allows a participant to be involved in the planned activities.  The combination of the safety Wristband and paid Activities is what makes up the Actipass.
How do I get an Actipass?
To ensure your child has an Actipass for Camp activities, you need to do the following:
  1. Purchase a Wristband BEFORE 26th August (this can be done online via the link above or with a manual application form);
  2. When purchasing your Wristband, you have the option to select and purchase activities – we recommend you purchase a Full Actipass BEFORE 26th August to guarantee your child a place in each activity;
  3. Collect your child’s Actipass from the Camp Office any time from Thursday 14th September and have them wear it for the duration of Camp.
What is a “Full Actipass”?
A Full Actipass will include:
  • Safety Wristband; and
  • All weekly activities
Juniors have the option to include a Camp tshirt with their Full Actipass.
What if I don’t want to purchase all the Activities?
You can purchase your Wristband and then select just the activities you wish to purchase.
I don’t have the money right now, what should I do?
Go online (or request a manual application form) and purchase a Wristband for $2.  You can then save up for the activities you wish your child to participate in and purchase these at Camp any time after you have collected your Wristband.
 I’m not sure if I will have children going to Activities, what should I do?
If there is a possibility of your child, grandchild, friend or relative attending Camp with you, we highly recommend you purchase them a Wristband BEFORE 26th August to ensure that they have the opportunity to be involved in activities if they DO come to camp.  Wristbands are only $2 each.
 Why wouldn’t I just wait until Camp to buy all my Activities?
Whilst we have made it possible for Activities to be purchased at Camp, due to the additional administration work required all Activities purchased at Camp incur an additional 10% charge.  We also cannot guarantee your child a place in an Activity UNLESS you have pre-purchased the activity before they sell out.
 Do you give refunds?
Generally we do not refund activities purchased.  However in the circumstance where the venue has changed since the activity was purchased or where the child is sick and therefore unable to attend, please speak to the Children’s or Youth PA at the Camp Office.  Note that if you wish to obtain a refund due to sickness we will request a Doctor’s Certificate (there is a camp Dr with whom you can make an appointment if need be).
I am just buying the wristband and will purchase Activities at Camp, can I buy them on the day?
Providing the Activity is not sold out, places can be purchased PRIOR to 12noon the day BEFORE the scheduled activity (ie. if you wish to purchase Primary’s 10 Pin Bowling for Wednesday, this must be purchased by 12noon on Tuesday).
What Divisions require an Actipass?
We recommend that ALL children attending Camp purchase and wear the $2 Wristband as this allows for us to readily identify them and know who to contact if there is a medical emergency (please see below if you are concerned about the safety of their personal information).  However the following divisions require Actipasses: Primary; Junior & High School.  Actipasses are available for Kindy as a ‘weekly pass’ (if you choose not to purchase an Actipass for your Kindy child, you will need to purchase a $2 daily band for the afternoon activities).
How do I know what Division to select for my child?
Please see the above GRADE recommendations for each division.  We have allocated grades to the Divisions rather than ages to make it easier for friend groups to stay together.  We know that for the kids, being together with your friends/family at Camp is part of the highlight!  Please select the Division most appropriate for your child based on the information above.
I don’t feel my Year 7 child is ready for the High School tent, what are my options? 
The High School tent is being organised to cater for Year 7 through to Year 12 and they invite all year 7 children, however if you do not feel that your child is ready for the High School tent you are welcome to regiser them in the Junior Division.  You may find that many of their school friends will remain in the High School division.  If you are unsure please contact SQYouth on 07 3218 7777 to discuss.
Do they have to have a Wristband to attend worship programs?
No.  Wristbands loaded with paid activities (Actipasses) are only required for the coordinated activities.
I don’t have a Credit Card, can I book my child in without one?
All online purchases will require the use of a Visa or Mastercard – this may be a Credit or Debit Card.  If you do not have either, you can process your transaction by posting a cheque with a manual application form or by bringing cash into the Administration & Resourcing Centre (please do not post cash!).
I have a Credit Card however I don’t use it online, can I pay using E-Giving or EFT?
No.  If you do not wish to enter your credit card details into the online system you can complete a manual form and include your card details for us to process.  Please note however that our transaction site is run by Westpac and includes some of the best security and encryption to protect your details.
I have heard that the Actipass bands (Wristbands) contain an RFID chip, are these safe?
We are not aware of any adverse health implications of wearing the RFID chip or from the use of the RFID scanners.  The chip is not powered nor does it emit a frequency.  It is read by the RFID scanners before and after activities, or if there is a medical emergency. They cannot be tracked or traced and must be within a couple of centimeters of a scanner to be read.
What information is stored on the RFID chip?  I want to know my child’s personal details are safe!
An alphanumeric code is stored in the RFID chip and would be of no use to any person without our secure database.  This code links directly to your child’s record on our database so that we know what activities you have approved, what their needs are and who to contact in an emergency.
I collected 4 Wristbands for the same division, does it matter who wears which one?
Absolutely!  The child’s name will be written on the underside of the wristband so you know who’s is who’s.  If you fit the wristband to the incorrect child, it may mean that in the (unlikely) event of a medical emergency the child will be incorrectly identified.  Where there are medical conditions this is especially important.
What do I do if my child’s band stops working?
Please come in and see the staff at the Camp Office.  The Wristbands have been selected for their proven durability when compared to other similar products on the market, however depending on their care, there are times when bands cease working.  We will be happy to investigate the problem and assist you with a solution.
I have ended up at Camp with an unexpected visitor, can they participate?
Please come into the office and discuss your situation with us and we will endeavour to help you find a solution for your unexpected guest.
How can I get a manual application form?
These are available in the Focus on the 28th May, or alternatively by calling 07 3218 7777.  Please note however that ONLINE APPLICATIONS ARE PREFERRED.
How do I return the manual application form?
Please return using one of the following methods:
Fax: 07 3236 1305
Post: Seventh-day Adventist Church South Queensland, PO Box 577, Spring Hill QLD 4004
In Person: SDA Church Sth QLD Administration & Resourcing Centre, Cnr Boundary & Fortescue Streets, Spring Hill QLD