Envision 2015 PromoTEEN/YOUTH/YOUNG ADULT LEADERS WEEKEND 4-6th December 2015

Envision is a premier gathering of Teen, Youth and Young Adult Leaders and those who are interested or passionate about those ministries.  This leaders weekend prepares everyone engaged in youth ministry for the 2016 Youth Ministry Year.

Be a part of the SQ Youth Leaders movement and build ministries that change young lives, one person at a time.

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Envision Encompasses the Following Experiences |  Worshipping God, Guest Speakers, Networking, Resourcing, Teamwork, Training, Creativity, Support, Visioning, Feedback

Date |         4th-6th December  2015

Cost |         $130  Includes Accommodation, food & resources.  Many churches sponsor half of this cost.  So it may pay to ask your pastor for this support!

Location |   Camp Somerset       1180 Stanley Pocket Road, CROSSDALE     Printable Map


First Time at Envision?

Over the course of the Envision Weekend there are 5 workshops that run for 1 hour each.  We highly recommend that you take the following essential workshops and then choose any two electives from the “Returning to Envision” list.

Essential Workshops

Workshop 1     Balance of 5                 How to have a healthy growing and balanced youth ministry     Anthony Jesnoewski & Trinette Stevenson

Workshop 2     Calendar Planning                  The art of planning a balanced calendar                               Royce Turia

Workshop 3     Thriving Youth Ministries    Developing an inclusive friendship culture                            Ligaya Box

Workshop 4     Sign up for an Elective

Workshop 5     Sign up for an Elective


Returning to Envision?

Over the course of the Envision Weekend there are 5 workshops that run for 1 hour each.   Select five from any of the elective workshops.  You may also choose to sign up to repeat any of the essential workshops that are offered to those who are first timers at Envision.

Elective Workshops

Developing spiritual H.A.B.I.T.S. of a Disciple                                                         Steve Bartlett     Youth Ministry Coach & Entrepreneur

Strategic Planning                                                                                                           Hayden Wall      Youth Ministry Coach & Business Consultant

Conflict & Problem Solving                                                                                           Jubilee Siulai     Youth Ministry Coach & Church Elder

Witnessing to Unchurched Youth                                                                                Pr Greg Pratt     SQC Director of Personal Ministries & Discipleship

Encouraging Youth to Make Church Attractive – Consistently!                           Pr Greg Pratt

Reconnecting with Lost Young People                                                                       Pr Jeff Parker     AUC Director of Youth Ministries

Dealing with Addictions in Youth                                                                                YTBD

Ministering to Youth from Broken Homes                                                                YTBD

Using Social Media in Youth Ministry                                                                        Amanda Jesnoewski            CEO Velocity Media

Biblical Hermeneutics – Studying Scripture & Sharing through Bible Studies  YTBD

Risk Management & Youth Ministry                                                                                                                            SQC Department of Compliance

Staying Healthy in Youth Ministry                                                                              YTBD

A Legacy of Faith: Finding purpose through the strength of our past                 Dr Irena Larking      SQC Director of Young Adult & Tertiary Ministry

A Guide to Discussing Relationships & Sex with your youth group                     Pr Chris Foote           SQC Director of Relationship Ministries

Following up Decisions made for Christ                                                                    Rebekah Bernoth     Youth Ministry Coach & Acute Nursing Specialist