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Metamorphic International is a non-denominational Christian organisation that
plants Churches, relieves poverty and carries out development initiatives.
Metamorphic is running an initiative called ‘Water4Water’ to raise funds for water
projects in developing countries, providing fresh water to communities who don’t
currently have access to safe water. This is planned to coincide with World Water
Day in March 2010.

Church members are encouraged to hold an event (eg. a BBQ, morning tea, etc)
and invite 20 of their friends. Each person contributes $20 and gets a Water4Water
branded bottle of water with a picture and story on it of someone in a developing
country who has already been helped by ‘Water4Water’ initiatives. $20 will provide
4 people with clean fresh water for life (20+ years). By holding an event you not
only get to hang out with your mates but also significantly change lives at the
same time. Metamorphic is inviting Churches to promote the idea and show a
video clip (less than a minute) in the announcements section of their services
leading up to March 2010. For more information, download an information PDF

World Water Day is on the 22nd March 2010 and events can be held throughout
the month of March. Churches of all denominations are involved, and it would be
great to see the Adventist Youth of South Queensland get behind this and really
make a difference.

If you would like to see your Church or youth group get involved, please
encourage your Pastor or Youth leader to contact Tim Humble at Metamorphic via
the contact details below:
Tim Humble – Project Coordinator
EMAIL TIM   Or call his Mobile +61 410 765 519
Check out the metamorphic website for further information.
Become a fan of Metamorphic on Facebook at
Follow Metamorphic on Twitter at